The Backstory

Invigor8 Teas Australia  sells teas that are made from 100% Natural and Organic ingredients that produce a fresh and a superior product for our loyal customers. Their target audience is mostly women, 18-30, who are looking to detox, lose weight, have a fit and healthy lifestyle, feel energised and carefree.


  • Site Planning
  • UI & UX Design
  • Buy path analysis
  • Web Development
  • Testing
  • Integrations
  • Maintenance


  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • jQuery
  • Responsive
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Paypal & Eway
  • MailChimp
  • Horizon HQ

The Challenge

Invigor8 Teas Australia was originally set up on an off-the-shelf solution known as BigCommerce (another Aussie bread company, kudos). An eCommerce solution like this can be a great option if you are trying out selling on line, however it carries with it its own set of risks as Invigor8 Teas found out.

Unfortunately in this situation both the website and the hosting are all handled by the one company. This can be great for simplicity but puts a higher level of risk on you as an eCommerce business owner.

The risk is, as was the case, if that one provider can’t do something or goes down for some reason, your business goes down with it or suffers from lack of control.

The Process

We evaluated how the business was set up prior to our involvement and assessed what was already in place.

This meant first doing what we call a digital assets audit, for example; where is the domain name, who controls the hosting, are we able to get access to the website files, are there email accounts in place that need to be considered before doing any server changes, etc

It was then a matter of spending some time with the client to identify the target customer, competitors, plans for the next 12 months (and beyond), determine what the client need to operate their business effectively and competitively. It is also important to identify the types of visitors the client would attract and what journey they should take through the site.

We are then able to move on to planning and mapping out the website as a whole before moving on to work with the designers.

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After working with multiple designers to produce a home page (which allows for the greatest input early on in the design process), we worked together with the client to choose designs which we both agreed were the right direction.

This then sets the tone for the remainder of the website, and allows the other pages to be completed.

Once completed, the development team picked things up, worked their magic and created the functioning website.

The client then generated the content ready to be uploaded into the site.

Once the site testing is completed the site is set live and is ready for trading.


This is the second time I've used Simon to help with my company website design and development. In the recruiting industry we rely heavily on our website and database to operate and attract new candidates, so I was very happy to see the results were exactly we wanted, even better than I expected. Digital Phenix offered suggestions along the way to stop things from becoming problems both now and into the future. They've given us an incredibly creative solution for me to run my business more easily. Will definitely be using them again.

Lynn Wang

Lynn Wang

Horizon ESL China

The Team at digital phenix gave me personalised service in a digital world. Their vision imediately aligned with the outcomes i needed to achieve and I received professional insights and easy to understand guidance through the whole process. (even the Techie stuff). The result was a cutting edged web site developed using the latest up to date techniques and by integrating my social media with the web site they created a one stop shop of information and interaction for my business. Thank you for making the whole experience so easy!

Shane Steele

Shane Steele

Elizabeth EII Cruises

We've redesigned our website three times and the most recent time we chose Digital Phenix. This experience was the best experience we have had with the development of our new website. Simon was attentive at every point, helpful with suggestions and strategies for the site as well as having a simple and effective approach to design that makes it very user friendly and responsive. We will continue to work with Simon for our next website too

Louise Barry

Louise Barry


Digital Phenix are awesome! It’s like having your own technology partner who is invested in your success - they have become an integral partner in our growth and success. They make the complex simple and communicate with effectiveness. After going through several website design and digital implementation companies, Digital Phenix was able to take the desired functionality of our website and turn it into a finished product.   But more importantly, they got to the desired outcomes and have helped us work through strategies and designs to improve conversion and the visitor experience. We will continue to work with them to improve the levels of service, and range of product offerings we are able to provide to our customers.

Adam Young

Adam Young

Homage Jewellery

"As an E-commerce business owner my online presence is paramount. My last website was not delivering so I approached Digital Phenix who provided professional, friendly service and worked closely with me to redesign my website. I couldn't be happier with the results and ongoing support"

David Overall

David Overall

Invigor8 Teas Australia

The Solution

The end result is the client now has vendor diversification which protects them moving forward.

They now have a fully customised, purpose built eCommerce website which is specifically targeted towards their ideal customer.

The client is also free to update their own pages, add new articles and news topics, add new testimonials and reviews, manage their product range, offer promotions and discounts, and build a community.

The website now compliments the activity and following the business generates on social media, differentiates them from their competitors and allows them operate a national brand.

The other systems used and integrated with that completed the total solution include:

  • Mailchimp - To help with marketing to new prospects and communicating with existing customers
  • Horizon HQ – To keep track of all customers, suppliers, leads, sales & orders, after sales care
  • Google Apps for Work – To allow professional emails, calendars, and online document storage for the business.




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