Why Do You Need A Blog For Your Business?

Jul 28

We get a question of “why do I need a blog and what type of wine should I have with it” aaall the time.

You’ve heard the word before, you have read other people’s blogs but still have no idea how to use it for your own business.

We get it, it can get quite confusing.

Firstly, what is a blog?

If we check with Wikipedia, a blog is “(a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).”

Makes sense right? Hm..not really…

Simply put, it’s a place on your website where you can put time-relevant, useful content for your visitors. And it’s absolutely brilliant because it gives you a great opportunity to speak directly to your clients.

All the wonderful things that can go into a blog.

As business you can add things like:

  • Company News: Did anything exciting happen in your company lately?
  • Industry News: What about your industry? What’s happening there?
  • Events: Are you planning a webinar or an actual event people can participate in?
  • Useful tips for your potential customer (for example if you are in Construction industry you can offer them tips on how to prevent certain problems or how to do small fixes)
  • Articles or any other information your potential customers might find useful

More reasons why your business should blog.

We’ve already mentioned that having a blog let’s you market directly to your target audience. Let’s look at 3 other reasons why it’s good idea.

First of all the more pages with high-quality, original content there are on your website, the better your chances to have a higher rank for different key words.

For example let’s say someone is googling “best places to visit in Sydney” and you are a travel agency that happens to have a blog post about “best places to visit in Sydney”. Now you have one more opportunity to get a visitor.

Second, more often than not, when customers are buying they make their decisions based on you as opposed what services or products you offer (after all how many other competitors are out there?). Blog is a great place for your potential clients to get to know your businesses’ personality.

And third, my favourite, blogging helps you establish authority.

What do I mean by that? Ever heard of Jamie Oliver? How many of his recipes has he given out for free? How many useful tricks and tips and videos? And yet people still line up for his restaurants (ever tried to get into the one in Sydney during dining times?), buy his books (usually the whole collection) and of course his merchandise. And one of the main reasons that happens is he has placed himself as authority in his industry, as a person they can trust and people go searching for him every time they want a delicious meal.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to put all those brilliant ideas in your head onto paper (or your computer notepad )

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