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what to expect from digital phenix team

  • Brand Identity Integration
  • Technical Architecture Review
  • Custom Website Design
  • Latest Techniologies
  • Custom Interface Design
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • User Experience Expertize
  • Content Migration
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO Optimization
  • CMS, CRM
  • Usability Testing
  • Rigorous Quality Control
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Google Apps for Work

cloud computing solutionGoogle Apps for Work


    • All you need to work on the go
    • Controls for securing your devices and data
    • More productive meetings
    • Teamwork that works
    • An all-in-one suite to communicate, store and create
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    Small Business Management SoftwareNinjodo

    A cloud-based software solution that is a next-generation tool for small to medium businesses helping you manage your customers and contacts, social media pages, emails and day-to-day tasks in one easy to use platform.

    For small & medium business owners who are dissatisfied with the limitations of current software products and tired of having to login into multiple systems, Ninjodo offers a turnkey software solution which simplifies and centralises their business.

    Unlike other software products which focus on a single function or have a long learning curve, the product combines your customers, social media, emailing and calendar all in one simple and easy to use platform, that’s affordable and scales as the business grows.


    • Intuitive Dashboard
    • Bring your data with you
    • Social Media Integration
    • Your business on the go
    • Ninjodo is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which means it’s hosted by us, in the cloud
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    Recruitment KPIs & PlacementsJobAdder Dashboard

    For recruitment companies using JobAdder, the KPI & Placement provides a better, more engaging way to keep track of their team performance, promote healthy competition between consultants and ultimately put a bit more fun back into bringing in the bacon.

    The simple-to-use admin panel lets you easily customise your team with staff names, photos, & sounds, as well as your dashboard settings such as; which KPIs to display, what targets your team should have, and whose bringing in the most revenue this quarter.


    • Secure Login
    • Run Multiple Offices
    • Unlimited Staff
    • Custom KPIs for your business
    • KPI Superscore
    • Consultant Names & Photos
    • Customisable Page Rotation Timers
    • Real-Time Consultant Placement Screen
    • Optional: Custom sounds for each consultant
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    AVG Anti-Virus Software

    award-winning protectionAVG Anti-Virus Software

    Well, there the big players like Sophos, Kapersky, Symantec, AVG, and dare we say it? McAfee!, who all claim to be the best at what they do. But the player that really stands out in our 11 years of experience has to be AVG. We’ve been installing AVG for years now, and in 2009 we became a recognised and autourised partner. This partnership wasn’t based on profit margins- in fact, AVG is one of the cheapest ‘proper’ antivirus programs out there and in some circumstances we can even give it away free!


    • Remote Endpoint Management
    • File Server Security
    • Endpoint Security
    • Firewall Security
    • Email Server Security
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    Spanning Online Backup Software

    data protection and availabilitySpanning Online Backup Software

    We’ve Partnered with one of the largest data backup providers and now have our very own cloud storage software. This ensures that you have an exceptionally reliable online backup and restore process. It safeguards critical data by automatically backing it up in real time as you create, change and save files and folders!


    • SaaS Backup and Recovery You Can Count On
    • Accurate Restore. 100% Guaranteed.
    • Spanning provides the most trusted and complete backup and recovery solution for businesses
    • Spanning keeps data protected and available in Google Apps and
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